One final post before I head off to bangkok (again) for 9 days! *hooray* I started counting down to my bangkok trip 35days (not including the weekends) ago. I can never get tired of Bangkok. It’s so convenient there and it’s only 2 over hours away from Singapore! By the time I’m back, I should be expecting two packages from the states and aussie land! OMG, CANNOT WAIT! You know what, it’s really good to have something to look forward to even if it’s going to be a bag of jump rings that you’ll be receiving. Keeps you going, motivates you.

Here are some of my extremely adorable purses, two of which were scammed from my cousin.

My cousin owed me a birthday present and I’ve been shamelessy bugging her for it and thus my scammed birthday present! HOOT HOOT!

I love how F21 stuff are so random sometimes. I found this at VivoCity F21. Extremely adorable.

Oh yes, another scammed purse from my cousin. Forced her to buy me stuff when she was in australia =X, no I’m not guilty! Not at all! *giggles* This is one of the best stuff she got me! I love basket bags!

It’s pretty handy, my movie/supper bag. Matches really well with my casual clothes. I have like a mini collection of basket bags, will upload more next time!!!!

Bangkok in a couple hours time, half my bag is filled with my sister’s tidbits. ◘ ____________ ◘  Unhealthy ones somemore! Was very tempted to open them up and eat while they were innocently sitting in my living room.

Till we meet again!